We Drive 2You!

Live Scan Mobile Fingerprinting Service

& Illinois Background Checks.

We Drive 2You!

Mobile Fingerprinting Live Scan Service

& Illinois Background Checks.

Mobile Fingerprinting Services in Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs


We offer mobile fingerprinting live scan services. Our licensed technitions come to your home or office at your convienience. We cater to those professionals who need fingerprints for their State license or security clearance. Many Illinois companies require pre-employment fingerprinting. Our mobile fingerprint company serves Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas.


Mobile Fingerprint LiveScan

Who We Are

We're Impressions2Go Illinois premiere livescan fingerprint vendor

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Industries & Certifications

Our Services

We are licensed to preform fingerprint checks in the state of Illinois for:

Security Guards(Perc), Conceal Carry License, Massage Therapist, Healthcare Professionals, Vehicle Dealer License, Medical Cannabis, Real Estate Professionals and Non-for profits organizations.


Our Vision For The Future & Motto


Our motto is to serve all with excellent service and quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our work.


Our Story

Curran Shockley is the founder and CEO of Impressions2Go. A computer Science graduate of Alabama A&M University and later began his entrepreneurship quest with a passion of Biometric Technology by forming Impressions2Go mobile livescan fingerprinting.

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